Leading Lady Women’s Cotton Maternity Support Leggings

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Expectant moms to be know that maternity leggings are essential during pregnancy but our Leading Lady maternity support leggings take this must-have one step further. With the perfect combination of 360 Degree of adjustability, comfort and support, you will never feel more stylish and comfortable during pregnancy. Our new patent pending 2-in-1 seamless design features a built-in maternity support band that provides needed back support and helps improve your posture. The full belly panel expands with your growing bump while providing a gentle lift so expectant moms like you feel supported for maximum all-day comfort. Leading Lady’ maternity support leggings also have flexible support zones that smooth and shape your sides and back for a sleek maternity look. They pair beautifully with any maternity top and can easily be dressed up for outings, worn casually for those non-stop on-the-go days, or enjoyed for leisure and lounging. Don’t waste time or money on average maternity leggings. Start with the best support, comfort and style with Leading Lady’ maternity support leggings.

  • Built-in maternity support belt that expands with your belly
  • Extra underbelly support to life and embrace your baby
  • Support zones to smooth your back and sides
  • Helps relieve back pain and improve posture
  • 360 Degree flexibility for amazing comfort

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